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Omni-channel is the multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store.  – TechTarget

Today’s consumer is a creature of information. He is more advanced and is used to using his smartphone or other smart devices to research, compare and utilise information in a way that suits him best. So what you need to do is provide your clients and prospects with that information about your brand, products and services, and enable them to process it in the most convenient way.

But keep in mind how you handle that communication. It needs to be relevant and available on any given channel. Which brings us to multi-channel vs. omni-channel, or better yet – what is the difference? Let’s say you have a website that generates a lot of visits, also your app is recording a large number of active users, you have excellent interaction on your social media, and the call centre is doing great. But the information you communicate is the same, regardless of previous interaction with your products, app and brand. And then we have the data, so much data and so little resources to process it.

The essence of omni-channel is that all data is stored centrally and is available on any channel you have in place. The simplest example is that if a visitor gets stuck on the application form on your website, you immediately offer him online assistance with finishing the form. But it is more complex than that. Onboarding, app usage, products in use, brand interactions, habits… you have to process and align a lot of data from different channels in order to present your clients with relevant information at the right time and place.

Omni-channel enables you to do just that and much more. All channels are synchronized so if a user makes a change on one channel, that information is available on all other channels. Countless are the ways you can combine the possibilities of the omni-channel platform to best serve your goals. For example a client has recently researched a loan offer you have displayed in the online banking application, he even started the application process but did not finish. In order to “push” the sale, you send a personalized email to your client with a special, one time offer and even enable him to continue the application where he left off. You can use geolocation service to notify your client that he is in the vicinity of your partner retailer, offering him a purchase discount or even a quick loan.

What do you say about that customer experience? You are giving positive feedback to your clients and this will return to you in revenue.

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