iBanking User Group: NF Innova’s Annual True Digital Banking Event

October 12, 2018by zoran.railic

NF Innova’s annual iBanking User Group was held on October 4th at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade. This annual gathering brought together over a hundred of our long-term partners and associates from 15 countries. Last year we have presented what we thought would be the future of true digital banking. This year it has been proven that the future is here, by all success stories and visionary plans our guests showcased.

Neuro-Tech In Banking

After the opening speech from Eldar Banjica highlighting NF Innova last year’s achievements, Nikolaos Dimitriadis, CEO at Trizma Neuro took the stage. Event keynote speaker, Mr. Dimitriadis talked about the latest achievements in neuro technology, its application in financial industry and absolutely inspired the audience with the concept of neuro-optimized digital banking.

Digital Disruption

Following was the motivating presentation about one pioneer partnership that disrupted digital banking product market. For the first time in Serbia a partnership was made between a bank and a start-up. Helena Grbić from PAUSAL and Vladimir Dornik from Societe Generale Bank Serbia talked about their cooperation, challenges and how their joint venture caused digital product buzz on Serbian banking market. We are proud that the whole project was built on NF Innova’s digital banking platform.

A Glimpse Into Tomorrow

And to complete the event, our experts Dejan Petković, Milan Pistalo and Vladimir Stojić revealed the novelties we have in store for our iBanking solution and Uros  Novak from New Frontier Slovenia announced iBanking – Open Banking extension. Since NF Innova is all about true digital banking experience, guests had a chance to test it all out in the demo-booth. Attendants had the opportunity to try out augmented reality functionality as well as QR/instant payment. We have introduced a new Apple Watch app and also eCommerce for mobile. Guests had the possibility to appraise the simulation of our onboarding process. Demo-booth highlight was our newest development – Opti-channel Bot that NF Innova showcased at Finovate Europe 2018.

CxO Digital Banking Day

Preceding our iBanking User Group event was “CxO Digital Banking Day” held at Winery Šapat in Novi Slankamen near Belgrade, on October 3rd. The aim of the event was to give an experience through real-life cases from financial industry, showing how to execute a digital strategy into business life. The real game-changers – executives from different banks, came together to learn from each other and discuss digital opportunities for their industry.

Mr. Branislav Vujović, President of New Frontier Group and Mr. Gregor Bierent, Managing Director in New Frontier Group were invited to share their knowledge on digital transformation in financial industry, and what are the prerequisites for successful transgression from rigid to agile banking.


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