NF Innova introduced True Digital Banking app at Finovate Africa 2018

January 9, 2019by zoran.railic

One more great presentation for NF Innova at Finovate Africa 2018 held in Cape Town from November 27th to November 28th. It was our pleasure to introduce the latest modification of our mobile banking application. This new feature is a unique one on the market and enables easy customization of appearance and functionalities to better fit specific expectations of different target groups. NF Innova presenters Eldar Banjica and Vladimir Stojic, showcased the newest innovation – real-time changes with no need for additional programming and new app release. We care about convenience and we are aware that time is crucial in this fast changing environment so we make our applications easy to use on one side and quick to adapt on the other.

One-for-all static old school mobile applications do not do the trick anymore. Users expect a custom approach and that is what NF Innova Opti-channel platform provides – real-time UI and native mobile apps feature management. Our Opti-channel front-end administration tool allows banks administrators to change the application look & feel and reconfigure available features. All is done in real-time, without having to re-deploy a new version on mobile app stores. Our platform gives banks agility with launch of new features and time to market.

Eldar Banjica and Vladimir Stojic demonstrated modifications of menu categories, easy add on of new pages and widgets as well as a complete customization of the app design. These administration capabilities give banks a chance to create app variations for different segments and personalize UI to better fit the needs of a specific segment. This way banks can create custom user experiences that can be enriched with trigger activations based on geolocation, time and date or other events, such as holidays, special dates or offers triggered by current account balance. This is out-of-the-box feature that is delivered with the rest of mobile application functionalities such as Augmented Reality, P2P, personal finance management, QR and instant payments, biometric login and process automation.

This feature enables banks to be agile when launching new products or services and be quick to adapt to specific customer needs. Our application is powered by opti-channel platform so customization can be done on every channel in place and administration of all channels is done from a single point thus providing consistency on every touch point. This is the prime advantage for the administrators, making any change to the process or product straightforward. NF Innova is constantly working on various enhancements with the aim to provide true digital banking to its clients.

Watch our presentation below

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