About Us

NF Innova is a leading software development and digital transformation company based in Central Eastern Europe. Company’s wide portfolio ranges from software development for financial markets to integration of comprehensive IT products and solutions. NF Innova has a strong focus on Digital Banking by leading transformation of today’s prime financial institutions with its innovative iBanking platform. The mutual benefits are achieved through self -service across multiple Omni-Channels, immediate fulfillment and strategic consulting along the client’s transformation process, decreasing internal operating costs and increasing of the specific brand value. NF Innova company is a part of New Frontier Group (, large system integration company spread over 15 countries.

Company Mission

To become a preferred and trusted partner in providing innovative comprehensive Digital Banking solutions enabling financial organizations to differentiate their service offering, seizing opportunities and delivering cost effective results.

Company Vision

To utilize forefront software technologies with our extensive partner network delivering transparent financial solutions based on our unique four-pillars customer engagement business model – Digital Branch, Dual Brand, White Label Banking and Partner Ecosystem.


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