Dual Brand

Dual Brand

New brand for more prospects

Stay unique in a way proven by many successful companies.  Develop a completely new line of business and increase your revenue – launch your online brand. Fill in the market gaps and offer up-to-date products on a smart platform. Build a niche to welcome the brand switchers who like to experiment with different brands

Staying ahead of competition with a
digital culture
introduction. Utilization of existing IT infrastructure.
Digital transformation
process that keeps customers from walking away, generating economies of scale and
increasing market share.
greater shelf product,
targeting new market segments and
filling price and quality gaps.
Standard digital
branch automation
appealing to brand-switchers. The
new brand
rollout, generating competition and increasing margins. Innovative
digital products and services
platform. Cost reduction through
branch reduction
business model.

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Financial products available through self-service across digital channels

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The platform that enables non-financial companies to provide financial services

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Online business platform for sales automation, promotion and service provision