“Our Digital Branch on an average day adds up to 30% of the total branch network production for the Overdraft product. Also, the average timesaving proved to be a great benefit to the bank – an average journey for the client utilizing the Digital Branch to complete Credit Request is up to 30 minutes, which is extraordinary reduction in time compared to the non-digital, branch-focused process; not to mention that this is possible to be done outside working hours and over the weekends. Process Automation required for the Digital Branch implementation brought up to 50% time savings for various Credit products. Results are indeed very astonishing, especially in regards to the Customer Satisfaction, Speed of Service and the total Cost of Operation”

Vuk Kosovac
Strategy and Marketing Director / Societe Generale Bank

“Currently, one third of the remote operation is covered by mobile banking, while a year ago, volume did not exceed 10%. I am confident that with this results very soon mobile banking will be overtaking classical online banking operations. The launch of a new tablet application represent additional contribution in our future alignment. The new solution preserve mobility for our customers and on the other hand gives additional benefits and comfort by a set of new comprehensive features. To successfully develop our business where we are today without the existing Mobile Banking platform would be impossible.”

Algirdas Shakmanas
Managing Director of e-business / Promsvyazank

“The joint consultant team of Romsys, New Business Dimensions and NF Innova has provided a large number of services, from specific industry consultancy, to project implementation and proactive support. Although this was a new solution, with a new approach and so being a project with major impact, the team has offered us continuous high quality support during the iBanking solution adoption. With this service, BFER is planning to increase the customer retention rate by improving overall customer experience through more efficient services, with added value for its customers. This new, digital approach helps our clients to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds and it helps the bank to identify customer’s needs and new ways to enhance the customer’s journey. We are very pleased to say that through this digital solution we are serving successfully more than 30,000 clients in Romania and we are planning to increase our customer numbers as well as products and services portfolio.”

Lucian Isar
President / Banca Romana Feroviara

“AIK Bank follows the trends closely and knows a sure way to improve the customer’s satisfaction nowadays is by offering the multi-channel banking services. Our account holders wish to be able to manage their finances as by visiting a bank branch as much as remotely and across different mobile devices. With the new iBanking and mBanking solutions, we are answering to our customer’s demands, providing them userfriendly applications with an even better service and the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology.”

Igor Pivalica
Executive Director, New banking technologies and project management Department / AIK Bank

“With functionally and visually advanced forms, two-way communication, multimedia… iBanking has evolved into an application that has great potential. The application, with its flexible concept, offers a variety of service and sales capabilities that keep pace with the global trends. We expect our customers to experience a new application as a modern solution for their financial needs.

This solution, compared to other solutions we have considered, appeared to be the most adaptable to our needs as a bank, both in terms of attractive solution for users, possibility to turn this application into the proper sales channel for our products, and in terms of future development of IT technologies and their implementation. With this concept and strategy of applications development, we do not expect at some point in the future to experience a situation where it is necessary to completely change the application due to obsolescence.”

Sasa Bilanović
Deputy Head of E-Channel Sales Department / Raiffeisen Bank
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