We enable Traditional Banks to Become
Digital Leaders !

Our FINTENSE platform is driving the “Future of banking” by being there where your customers are.

We enable traditional banks to become
digital leaders

Our digital banking platform is driving the “future of banking” by being there where your customers are.

We enable traditional banks to become
digital leaders

Our digital banking platform is driving the “future of banking” by being there where your customers are.

Why should you
use our Digital Banking platform?


Increase the Number of Your Digital Customers

Our solution enables real-time execution, convenience and interaction with your bank across any digital touchpoint


More Digital Transactions

One key indicator of our success is that we enable more online transactions – from simple to complex – across digital channels


Liftoff your Digital Sales

Enrollment of new Customers or issuing of lending products fully online without visiting the branch drives your sales to the next level.


Improve Customer Loyalty

Unique and personalized engagement along your Customer touchpoints is driving loyalty and customer satisfaction (NPS).

More insights?

Then check out the goodies we’ve prepared for you.

Our Advanced Banking Solutions
Will Help you Make a Difference!

Online Account Opening

Online onboarding offers a convenience for busy customers who want to open an account in your bank.

We allow you to remotely acquire new clients !

Welcome Aboard with Video Onboarding and End-to-End Processes

Online Loan Origination

New and existing clients could apply online for products and services, through a simple process and video identification.

We drive the automation of your Customer facing processes !

From Request to Payment in just a few minutes

Personal Finance Management

Give users a quick and detailed overview of their finances and get insights about their financial behavior.

We help to leverage on customer data and deliver meaningful insights !

Managing Personal Finances through a Secure Digital Platform

Optichannel Platform

Users will have unique personalized interaction on the device of their choice.

Drive Sales & Service on any digital Customer touchpoint – Simplicity & Speed as key drivers of success !

Users Opt-In for their Preferred Device

This Results Could Be Yours!


Less internal efforts for orchestrating digital channels and segmentation.


Efficiency increase due to end-to-end automation of five customer facing products across digital channels.

Up to 600%

Digital customer growth within 12 months after go-live.

Avg 35%

Shorter standard processes such as credit card payments and international transfers, or loans.

Launch your Bank into the Future, today!

Meet Fintense completely cloud-based , and ready-made solution based on best practices in the market in automation and digital processes.
This great experience and know-how, working with dozens of banks and financial institutions on several continents, combined with best industry practices and new technologies , has produced a perfect solution for banks who want to step into the future.

How to sustain Digital

Identify new opportunities, trends and new business models by becoming aware of potential challenges.

Our Digital Advisory services focus on:

  • Digital assets of the banking industry (Speed, Data, Processes, Value, Uniquness)
  • Digital Revolution or Evolution
  • Digital native and Hybrid banking
  • New Digital Business Models, Platforms and Ecosystem

Together, we are shaping the digital future of your organisation !

What banks
need to look at?

In order to stay relevant for their clients and where are the dangers and opportunities in digital banking
  • We need to create value for our clients to enable transformation to digital
  • We need to understand where is the value and how to help clients to achieve good results in igital economy
  • Understanding the value in digital economy is one of the main success preconditions for the successfu digital transformation.

How Digital Are You?

We all know that our clients are becoming more digital day by day, but are you a digital caveman?

To check you’re on course, take the following quick self-diagnostic quiz, in the form of 8 questions.

Digital Banking Suitable for All Segments ...

Don’t take our word for it,
see what our clients have to say:

The platform NF Innova created should serve as the foundation allowing further incremental developments with the ultimate goal of making the customer experience simpler like never before.

Jonathan Caruana,
CTO at APS Bank

We felt that  collaboration with NF Innova best represented what we were aiming for and where we wanted to go.  Now we are offering to our clients an agile and very innovative omni-channel platform.

Christian Canacaris
CEO at Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Together with our partner New Frontier Innova, we have implemented our new, improved and more “user-friendly” mobile application, upgraded according to the needs of our clients and their daily habits.

Atila Selim
Marketing Manager at Halkbank AD Skopje

Clients who
believe in us

Financial institutions around the world

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