About us …

NF Innova, member of New Frontier Group, has a sole focus on Digital Banking and provides a unique banking solution to visionary financial institutions by delivering a rich and seamless customer journey on any digital channel.

How do we reshape the world of banking?

The world of banking has changed a lot in the last 10 years, but in the future, the changes will be faster and more drastic. For banks, these changes are an existential question. However, for some banks, change is not a threat, but a great advantage when it comes to competition. This is where we step in because the ability to rapidly respond to changing customer needs is one of the hallmarks of the NF Innova. 

Our Story

NF Innova is a company that provides financial institutions with unique banking solutions across various digital channels. We are an international company and our geographical reach means that we can serve customers effectively, regardless of their size or location. Our primary goal is to help organizations take charge of their Digital Growth with greater agility, using an architecture-led approach to underpin the program and manage change. 

The people we want to empower

Our clients are people that notice that change is inevitable and necessary to drive growth and simplify the digital processes. They want to accommodate their customers’ needs and offer the best possible experience across various digital channels, whether they are. That’s why the principal goal of NF Innova is to empower and help them focus on the digital transformation and initiate the future of banking in their companies. Today, our client list includes companies that are eager to meet the high expectations of modern consumers and reshape their business models.

Our solutions

Solutions that we deliver can help traditional banks take on a central role in this new partner ecosystem and be irreplaceable in the customers’ daily banking, as opposed to being just banking utility.  

Benefits of our solutions

  • Easy onboarding on any channel, 
  • Real-time personalized communication
  • Immediate task execution

What makes us differentWhat makes us different?


Holistic Optichannel Experience

We believe that the online banking experience must be observed holistically, as a single platform that integrates all types of communication, information, and services.


Smart Digital layer

Flexible Digital layer brings a huge advantage to Banks, by allowing the creation of End-to-End Digital processes.


Design Freedom

The front-end of iBANKING is fully customizable but our clients can also choose Fintense – the platform with invariable front-end experience. 


Integrated PFM

Due to iBANKING’s strong customer-centric focus, it enables Banks to offer an integrated PFM system to their end customers.


Scalability and Sales focus

iBANKING is focusing on the bank’s business following the main goal to grow it in the short and long run.


Some of the awards that we are really proud of:


In 2020, we had the honor to receive the most prestigious Finovate award for „The Best Consumer Lending Platform for loan product “iKeš” in the best global digital and technology innovations category. 

Partners who
believe in us

Financial institutions around the world

Don’t take our word for it,
see what our clients have to say

The platform NF Innova created should serve as the foundation allowing further incremental developments with the ultimate goal of making the customer experience simpler like never before.

Jonathan Caruana,
CTO at APS Bank

We felt that  collaboration with NF Innova best represented what we were aiming for and where we wanted to go.  Now we are offering to our clients an agile and very innovative omni-channel platform.

Christian Canacaris
CEO at Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Together with our partner New Frontier Innova, we have implemented our new, improved and more “user-friendly” mobile application, upgraded according to the needs of our clients and their daily habit.

Atila Selim
Marketing Manager at Halkbank AD Skopje


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