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Gregor Bierent
Chief Executive Officer

“The key for success is to
focus on Goals, not obstacles!”

Slavko Milojević
Director Customer Success & Product

“Vision without action is just
a daydream. The future depends
on what you do today!”

Milan Pištalo
Sales Director

“The way to get started is to
quit talking and begin doing.”

Raško Kordić
Technical Delivery Director

“It’s all about people.”

Nikola Ždero
Director of Strategic Partnerships

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Živana Domazet
Head of Marketing

“A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes.”

Aleksandra Kokunešovski
Head of Talent 

“Be the kind of person that makes people want to up their game.”

Snežana Koturanović
Web Team Leader

“It always seems
imposible until it’s done.”

Sanja Petković
Mobile Team Leader

“Everything you
can imagine is real.”

Dijana Drobnjak

Dijana Drobnjak
PMO Team Leader

“Not every day is great, but there is something great in every day.”

Nenad Dabic

Nenad Dabić
DevOps Team Leader.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Marko Gluščević
Head of Testing team

“If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.”

Zoran Milanov
Head of Security

“Security isn’t something you buy, it’s something you do, and it takes talented people to do it right.“

Mihailo Pilipović
Head of Database team

“Data holds the answers, just ask the right questions.”

Nikola Nikolić 
Head of Support team

“Whenever you don’t know where to go, the support team will show you the way.”

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