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Life at NF Innova is anything but boring! We are tech-savvy, passionate about what we do, and love to share our knowledge. If you want to work in a friendly environment with young and ambitious people, here are some reasons that will grab your attention:

Young Team

We love to socialize, play basketball, and climb mountains together! Our teambuilding is anything but boring! NF Innova team spirit spreads even outside the office and that’s why colleagues love to travel together and make picnics when the weather is nice!
Every Friday morning, the entire company has breakfast together in nature or on a river. On the other hand, we are
punctilious when finishing the projects, but that doesn’t mean that we have strict working hours. We appreciate people who get things done and always find time to hang out with their colleagues. Our motto is: work flexibly and be happy while you do it! 

Opportunities to Travel

Since we work with companies in different countries, you will have a lot of opportunities to travel and go to various educations where you will exchange knowledge and experience.
You will visit countries across Europe and even South Africa to learn about market differences. It doesn’t only sound interesting, it really is!


Constant learning

We are making sure that you are updated with fresh information all the time! That’s why we have a classroom in the company where we gather for educational training and opinion exchange. For us, it’s really important to grow together and empower our employees always to learn something new. 


Remote work

In the time of pandemics, we are working remotely to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus. But that doesn’t stop us from hanging out virtually and getting our projects done without any problems. We can’t wait to get together in the office and continue where we left off. By working with us, you will also have an option to work from home occasionally. But we are sure that our contagious energy and interesting projects will make your days in the office your favorite ones


Private health insurance

We take care of our employees and want them to be healthy and happy. To thank them for their efforts, we provide all of our employees with private health insurance.


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