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March 15, 2024by Milica0

NF Innova Girl Power

At NF Innova, we believe that every day is Women’s Day and we like to emphasize that.

Hristina Adžić (.NET Developer),
Marija Mihajlović (QA Test Engineer),
Ana Milutinović (QA Test Engineer),
Katarina Šipka (Junior Software Developer), and
Ana Zdravković (Web Developer)

shared their views and advice with us.

What is it like being a woman in the IT sector?

Marija: “Interesting, challenging, dynamic. Although the IT world is considered to be predominantly male, there are more and more women in the IT sector, and I think that’s because the barriers don’t exist. In the IT sector there are countless opportunities for development, learning, career advancement, the only obstacle you can be yourself. Don’t be afraid to step into this world.”

Hristina: “Although at first glance it can seem challenging and intimidating to be a woman in a profession where men are more represented, in fact it only enhances the feeling of safety and attention in the environment.Women, precisely because they are rare in this profession, are extremely respected and looked after by their colleagues.”

Ana M: “I would also say ‘privileged’ since there are fewer of us than men in this branch.” We feel somewhat protected by our male colleagues. They are always welcome to help and share knowledge. You don’t feel that big of a difference, as you might feel in other branches of the industry.”

Ana Z: “Being a woman in the IT sector brings challenges, but it also provides an opportunity to contribute to diversity and create change within the industry.”

Katarina: “Short and clear – Excellent! A woman has less, but I don’t see that as an injustice.”

There are no obstacles.

What advice would you give to young women considering a career in IT?

Marija: “I would encourage young people to follow their passion for technology, not to be discouraged by stereotypes or misconceptions in this area, but to focus on developing their skills, to be persistent and curious. The IT industry is vast and full of opportunities for those willing to learn and grow. Your unique perspective as a woman can bring new insights and innovative solutions.”

Hristina: “If they are interested in that kind of career and like to do it, they will always find the support they need to learn what they want. And don’t forget, the first software developer was a woman.”

Katarina: “I’d tell young girls who are thinking about a career in IT that there is no reason to hesitate and they should definitely try themselves in any IT branch that interests them. While it may seem like a male-dominated field, there is a place in IT for anyone who is interested and willing to learn and improve.”

Ana Z: “I would tell girls who are thinking about a career in IT not to be afraid of challenges, to learn continuously and that the effort always pays off.”

Ana M: “If they are interested in this industry, they shouldn’t think about prejudices, because on the contrary, women are very welcome. They manage very well, because it is in our nature to have a sense of detail and notice a little more than men. They have the ability to change their position within the branch itself if they wish. Also, they can progress and learn very easily, and that is highly valued in this branch.”

The first software programmer was a woman.

How do you feel at NF Innova?

Ana M: “Great! Colleagues are always there and ready to help, everyone is very cooperative and pleasant, happy to share their knowledge. If we look at it from a woman’s perspective, we are really valued and protected, and have room for improvement as much as men. What I would like to point out, which is perhaps important for the female population, is that stress is not present. We know how important it is, especially for women who want to fulfill themselves as mothers.”

Hristina: “I feel like I’m in a wonderful community where, regardless of the volume and importance of work, there’s always time for fun and socializing.”

Marija: “I feel valued and supported in this company, equal opportunities are offered to all employees, regardless of gender. There is always cooperation among colleagues and everyone is ready to selflessly share their knowledge and help if necessary.”

Katarina: “The atmosphere is extremely friendly, which certainly contributed to faster adaptation and fitting in.” What I especially appreciate is that I was given a lot of space to learn and progress. ”

Ana Z: “Inspired, surrounded by colleagues who are always ready to help and share knowledge in order to progress together.”

Your unique perspective as a woman can bring new insights and innovative solutions.

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