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November 16, 2017by zoran.railic

New technologies mean new expectations. Customers are hardly visiting branches these days and are expecting faster and more personalized services. In search of such service, users are increasingly choosing intermediary solutions. Having this in mind, banks will have to adjust their strategies in order to meet the advancing market demands.

Banks have to change and consider the new services now available and ways to incorporate them into their solutions. What if banks could send product information and offers to customers at just the right time and place? Surely the sales pitches would be more successful. What if banks could provide cardless and cashless payment when making a purchase? This will surely lead to an increase in the number of acquired users.


NF Innova banking solution enables you to do just that. Be where the clients are and reach them at their down time when they are more likely to  accept the deal. How about sending them offers from local shops as they walk or drive by?

Let’s say you are driving by a petrol station which is a partner with your Bank. At that moment you get a notification on your mobile device that you have a discount on fuel if you pay with the Bank’s mobile app. When finished with fueling a QR code is displayed on the pump screen. Scan it with your mobile device and order details will appear on your mobile screen ready for payment – simply click the PAY button. Not just easy but extremely convenient as well.

With our platform you can transform the banking services that you offer and provide a more personal, inviting and relevant customer experience.

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