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December 25, 2017by zoran.railic

New Year is near and with it come the New Year’s resolutions. You are undoubtedly thinking about product upgrades, acquisitions, campaigns and other ways to do even better next year. We have got a suggestion for your resolutions’ list – customer journey. How about making your business more available and accessible to both clients and prospects?

Stop repeating yourself. But, first of all, stop making your clients repeat themselves. Today it is all about fast and convenient service.  Nobody wants to spend more time than they need to on – let’s be honest – boring stuff which banking can be. We at NF Innova have developed a true omni-channel platform that enables you to have a consistent flow of information across all channels you use for communication with your clients.

And we are not talking just about the brand. First and foremost, we are talking about an unstoppable journey for the customer. Imagine your client is planning some New Year’s shopping and wants to get a bit more cash. He starts to apply for a loan on his home computer before he realizes that he has to pick up the kids from practice. On the way home they stop for a snack giving father a little time to finish the loan application on his mobile app. Oops! He has to start from scratch and if he gets interrupted again, he will have to repeat the entire journey.

Our iBanking solution offers steady channel-hopping so that users can comfortably switch between channels keeping their workflow smooth. The data entered on one device or channel is immediately available on all other channels, making it possible for a user to continue where they left off. And how convenient is that!? Get to know your clients, personalize your communication and deliver timely and seamless customer experience on the channel of their choice.


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