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October 31, 2018by zoran.railic

It seems that mobile banking applications today are a bit underestimated. Everybody wants to be on communication platforms and, understandably, banks do to. Smartbots are pretty awesome, but the essence is still in the mobile. So why not make your mobile banking app a place to be? A mobile application doesn’t simply have to be an ordinary daily banking tool, it can be a unique place for you and your clients to interact.

NF Innova has designed a mobile application to fit today’s customer standards. Fully automated processes, cutting-edge digital products, advanced technology usage… all is there. Not just on the customer’s side, but on the bank’s side as well. We at NF Innova have each and every operation in mind when developing our solutions, so management is done from one single point. Discover more about current capabilities of our signature mobile banking application.

One would think that we have pretty much covered everything. But NF Innova is all about innovation. The newest release of our iBanking application will be presented at one of the most prestigious fintech gatherings – Finovate in Cape Town, South Africa from 27th to 28th November. This time we will be presenting the latest inventions in our mobile banking application powered by our one-of-a-kind opti-channel platform. Join us at Finovate Africa!

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