Omni-Channel Does Not Equal Opti-Channel Experience

Omni-Channel Does Not Equal Opti-Channel Experience

Customer experience and customer journey are ever changing categories because they are in tight correlation with new technologies. Every new technology adopted by customers is surely going to cause new customer expectations and behaviors. Most noticeable are the changes in customer communication. There has been a huge shift from sending customers messages via post, e-mail or phone, to more meaningful use of channels, with Omni-channel where channels interact, thus providing seamless customer journey.

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Today is all about personalization at every point of the customer journey. Which raises a question: How many touch points should there be? Well, as many as possible, you say, in order to be available to clients wherever they are. Yes, there is a point in having multiple touch points with clients. However, how you use them is quite a different topic. Do you really need an ATM promo message on a limited quick loans offer for a purchase in a specific shopping mall, if that ATM is miles away from that mall? But, if that ATM was in that specific shopping mall, well, that would be an offer you would want at that time and place.

Opti-channel is the new keyword – optimizing the communication and using the resources. Why spend money on the entre channel network when you can focus on the optimal channel for delivering the optimal message? Make your customer engagement strategy based on customer analytical data, such as behavior, spending habits, preferred channel, and make your communication more personalized. NF Innova has developed an Opti-channel platform

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